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Request Nudified Ai Photoshop Deepfake Porn
Welcome to our online faking clinic, where you can photoshop deepfake porn videos and pictures.


We offer you a wide array of procedures, body parts transplant fakes, full body transplant fakes, face swaps into any pornographic scene, semen attachments and many many more! 

Check Examples of Fake Nudes Here

We offer total discretion to our clients and patients as we are aware of the delicate nature of such private matters.

All subjects must be 18+ and you need to have consent from them.
Our clinic is provided with state of the art technology and the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC, Ai tech such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion  (which will nudify any requested images and turn them into Ai fakes, your very own generated NSFW Ai Art . Our staff is highly qualified and is prepared to make your most depraved desires come true and will most certainly fake any nudes requests with Photoshop!

Request any type of Fake Nude or Porn Deep Fake Video! 

We can do most requests. 
We Fake It Till It’s Real

Frequently asked questions

What is this nude retouching service?

DrFaker.com offers faking nude retouching to anyone in need. Meaning that we can remove clothes from images or juxtapose the subject’s head onto another similar body that is undressed.

How long does it take?

Depends. Sometimes under 4 hours, usually between 14-48 hours. 

But if you want it done even faster you can opt for the FAP Emergency, will cost extra though.

How much does it cost?

Again it depends. Between 10-37 USD/EURO usually.
Keep in mind that we will do just one subject to new clients (you will be able to pay for multiple photos but only after the first full payment).
Also you will be asked to pay a small fee upfront.
Payments will be done only through Paypal or Bitcoin(in this latter case price wil be doubled).

What are the steps?

All communication will be done via email. We are less likely to respond on social platforms.
You send several pictures so we can choose the best one fitted for the transplant fake.
We ask for the small upfront fee before we start work (we are required to do this since some customers make false requests thus wasting our time and efforts).
Then we show you the partially censored result.
You then send the full payment.
We send you the uncensored fake. The image will also have the following message: DOCTORED IMAGE. DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE!
After, we can tweak the photo if we agree that it needs some improvement.

Is it private?

Yes. We delete the photos!

Free nude retouching?

Yes, but within reason. We might even redo the picture if it’s not to your liking.

Requirements for video/animated fake?

Send pictures of your subject with her/his face fully visible:
1. Eyebrows and face’s shape should not be obstructed by any objects or hair.
2. There should be no hard shadows across face
3. If you already have videos that you think they fit with your subject, Send Them Over. Keep in mind that the face from the porn footage should have a similar face with the subject.
4. Angle of the face should be frontal or semi-frontal.
5. No exagerrated facial expressions. Smiles and neutral expression are the best. This goes for the subject’s face as well for the person in the porn video
6. We will need video consent from the person you plan on deepfaking/nudifying

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